You’ve picked your date, you’ve picked your venue, and you may have even booked a planner but you’re still missing the most essential ingredient – the food! We suggest that you begin looking for a caterer as soon as you have a date for your event, booking a year out is standard. However, should you find yourself with a timeline under 8 months it is important to get the ball rolling.

Why so much lead time? A well-executed event takes time to plan, tweak, and finalize. At Orange Beach Concierge we are here to help you every step of the way from crafting your perfect menu to putting the finishing polish on your event. Below are suggested time frames for when you should book your caterer per event type.


Wedding: 9 months – 1 year

Family Reunion: 8 months – 1 year

Corporate Event: 9 months – 1 year

Private Chef Dinner: 1 month minimum preferred


We are here to be of service and would be honored to help you with your next event!

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