Chef David has taught me so much over the last couple of years.  I came into the personal and working relationship with a vast knowledge of great wears for the kitchen but he has taught me so much more.  It’s not until I use each and every item that I truly understand what he is explaining and what he is teaching me.  Most importantly;  why he prefers what he prefers in the kitchen.  His tools matter!

The one item I did have when we began this journey was an oval dutch oven by Le Creuset.  It is 8 years old and it is still going strong.  We slow roast everything in the Le Creuset.  I am not sure why but everything that comes out of the dutch oven is absolutely divine.  Maybe it is flavored and seasoned from all of the use, maybe it is the manufacturing and the fact that we will have it forever and it will stand the test of time or maybe it because it is made out of cast iron?  I guess all of the responses are the right ones. My favorite option;  it can go from the oven to the dining room table perfectly.  It is a must!

When we started to make bone broth and Pho the original mandolin we owned wore down within weeks.  So the next time we visited the Asian market in Pensacola, Chef David took me through the wears and he looked at me and said, “This is the mandolin we will use.”  I didn’t resist, I just put it in the basket and made my way through the aisles.  When we went to check out, the owner of the store looked at David and said, “You are a serious cook, yea?”  Of course I asked why he was asked that question and I was told that we were buying an intense, often scary but the very best mandolin one could buy.  The owner looked at me and said, “you practice first, cover your hands and be careful.”  I have done just that.  But this 12 inch slicer has made the side work that is required in what we do everyday so much easier.  The Bron is The Very Best!

The very first item David asked for when we opened the doors of Orange Beach Concierge was this item with a weird name and at the time I could not pronounce it;  it’s called a chinois.  A chinois is a french sieve used to strain custards, purees, soups, sauces and of course our weekly bone broth.  Orange Beach Concierge is a private dining group using only fresh, whole and local ingredients creating scratch recipes for our guests, clients and vendor partners.  The chinois is remarkable.  It always helps him sieve his béchamel with more ease, strain the pounds and pounds of bones we go through in a week and he uses it for something as simple as rinsing pasta.  I always thought a strainer was just that but a strainer is not Chinois.

A Pan is a pan is a pan?  Well no, we Pan’s are not all the same and the same should be said about pots and pans.  I have been taught that the best gear to have at home and a collection that will last a life time is All-Clad.  The entire collection is essential and to quote the company, “All-Clad is the undisputed choice in top culinary circles and four-star kitchens throughout the world as well designed to meet the demands of professional chefs.”  One might not be able to afford the complete collection all at once but there is nothing wrong with asking for a new piece for every occasion you may receive a gift and be sure to set your online alerts for when the pieces go on sale.  I can say with certainty that All-Clad has made me a better cook and I take great pride in that and so will you.

And last but not least is the much required apron.  I never knew that there was a way and quality to an apron that helped any cook or chef in the kitchen.  From how it rests on your neck or having the ability to cross cross the straps in the back can make or break the chef’s day or experience.  The Embroidered Bragard Travail Apron is a favorite of Thomas Keller’s and David is a big fan as well.  Every cook should have one and don’t forget to have it monogramed;  that is my favorite part and we favor the white ones.

So a few of our favorite things.  We strive to be the best we can be and these awesome items create the dishes and menus that our clients are requesting and gratefully we can say are returning for.

Happy Cooking!

We are honored to be of service.


Chef David

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Orange Beach Concierge was born out of our love of hosting a great party, event planning and everyday organization combined with Chef David’s drive and desire to be the very best at his culinary craft. We are an Alabama gulf coast-based boutique concierge service offering highly personalized services.