Imagine being married to an award winning, French Method trained chef and then launching a business built around his talents in the culinary industry and my 20+ years of corporate marketing experience and out of nowhere a business was born.  Fast forward 4 years and I am very overweight.  Considering I had stepped on the scale backwards during annuals every year majority of my adult life, I never really knew how overweight I was, till.

It was not my husband amazing cooking that attributed to the weight gain.  In fact it’s was something quite the opposite; lack of scheduled meals and thought out eating, lack of exercise, an extremely hectic life and a ton a stress that actually led to the weight gain.  Basically a very normal life led to a very unhealthy way of being.

I am the type of person that has tried every diet, exercise program, yoga, pilates, walking, running, Zumba, personal trainer, etc.  You name it, I have tried it.  I had spent well over 6 figures over the years on these experiences but the money didn’t matter, the lack of achieving a goal did.  Failure is the word that comes to mind when I think back on each one of these journeys I endured to lose just a pound.

So blast to the spring of 2018, I experienced a right of passage;   I lost my Father to cancer.  Pure devastation.  So during my annuals in July I did the norm, I stepped on the scale backwards but this time it was different, I heard the nurse move the “large” slide weight over and at that moment I knew, I didn’t see the number but I heard it shift, not in my favor.  I had gained a full slide to the right.  Pure devastation.

I came home, I spoke with my husband, crying in desperation and said “I am interested in learning what a ketogenic lifestyle is, what do you think?”  He said, “Chef David, it’s a no brainer, you can do it.”  I had never heard of keto until a colleague handed me a cookbook earlier last year, which sat on my desk for months and when I had made my mind up, I reached over and began my studies.  That cookbook is still open on my counter at home as I type this blog.  I reference it daily.  So I say thank you “friend”, you know who you are.

My journey began, I read as many articles as I could, I started asking friends if they knew anything about keto and surprisingly all of this information started appearing before me.  “The Magic Pill” on Neflix sealed the deal for me, I encourage everyone to watch the documentary, it changed my life.  I began my ketogenic lifestyle the very next day.

The results to date; no acid reflux, reduced inflammation, no processed foods, reduced dairy, better sleep, more stamina and 45lbs+ of weight loss.  And I am not done yet.

I eat 3 meals a day with 2 to 3 snacks and I make sure that my food intake is a combination of 75% healthy fat, 20% lean protein, and 5% carbohydrates.  I still consume my libations and I live an extremely normal life, not much has changed except that I eat more, I eat within my guidelines, I eat more healthy foods, not processed “lazy keto” foods and I do not deviate from my program.  This structure is working for me, something finally worked.

This is just my journey and be no means am I suggesting everyone should follow, but as I have transitioned to a ketogenic lifestyle, David has followed and he has great benefits as well.  He has gained the extra pounds he needs to feel more comfortable and to have the stamina he needs to maintain our ever growing life and business.  His issue are very different than mine, hard for him to keep weight on but still they same in that he was not eating enough and not enough of the balanced and healthy fats that our brain and bodies require.

So if you want to chat about what all this means, call us.  We are more than happy to share our experiences, recipes, cook books, menu suggestions and everything we are doing to create healthy food intake changes in our personal lives and our culinary lives.  We will be sharing foods, recipes and experiences throughout the coming year, so keep following!

Cheers to a healthy and prosperous 2019!

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