Valentine’s Day is seven days away.

There are so many things to do for anyone or everyone in your life that you would like to show LOVE for on Valentine’s Day.  Tell them you LOVE them with a beautiful hand written note, make chocolate covered strawberries for them to enjoy one by one, share a sweet box of candied hearts, give the gift of beautiful artisanal chocolates and never forget that everyone LOVES to receive the biggest most bountiful bouquet of flowers possible.  One might say all of this is just boring traditionalism; the only word I think of is CLASSIC.

Do you know the definition of love?

love – noun
1.  an intense feeling of deep affection.
synonyms:  deep affection, fondness, tenderness, warmth, intimacy, endearment;

Chef David and I have much LOVE for each other and for Valentine’s Day; one of the most popular holidays that a chef prepares for.

Some our favorite things, starting with beloved chocolate…

Vosges Haut – Chocolate – Chicago, IL

Kee’s Chocolates – New York, NY

François Payard – New York, NY

When it comes to sharing your thoughts on paper, there is nothing better than a hand written note on beautiful stationery or finding that perfect card to express your LOVE.  My recommendations;

Fine Stationery

Crane & Co.


What is your favorite flower?  Mine;  the purple tulip, and I adore them!  These floral designers bring such beauty and happiness to me, my life and our home and they will do the same for you and yours.

Stemz – Foley, AL

The Bouqs – Nationwide

You can also call upon orange beach concierge to cater, concierge or design the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your favorite person or persons.  We are here to be of service.

They say Valentine’s Day is for lovers but we say it is a day to celebrate everyone you LOVE!

“The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn Is To Just Love And Be Loved In Return.” – Nat King Cole


Chef David

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