Chef Chef David Pan, proprietor and owners of Orange Beach Concierge recently had the honor of

being highlighted in a featured article in Barron’s magazine, “Why the Allure of Private Dining Will

Remain After the Pandemic.”


The leaders of the OBCS team were featured beside some of the most renowned Michelin trained

chefs of Gramercy Tavern, Eleven Madison Park, Per Se, and other top-tier New York restaurants that

curate upscale events for small groups, aka private dining experiences.


The article stresses that from East to West, there are patrons of private dining experiences more than ever,

as the COVID-19 pandemic changes course.  Before the pandemic, a personal chef was viewed as more

of a high-end experience reserved for special occasions. Now that we’ve experienced more than a year on

the private side of dining, with most eateries being closed down, those who partake sing its praises more

than ever.


For those unfamiliar with the term; private dining is when a Chef + team will set up shop in

your own kitchen and present their courses one by one. Chef typically offers an in-depth

description of ingredients and the inspiration behind each plate. If a wine pairing is requested,

a professional sommelier is added to the mix to discuss the corresponding wines.


There are many perks to private dining. The allure of a new experience, intimacy, and attention

to culinary perfection. The educational experience is also one of the many draws. Chefs enjoy

telling tales of how their dishes came to be and participants enjoy sharing what they learned!

With personal chef dinners, the courses tend to be more chef-driven and personable.

Guests also get to see the master of flavors behind the swinging doors, which is a rarity at

most five-star eateries.


“I believe it is the future of fine dining, a world that no one has paid enough attention to,”

Tracy Kaler from Barron’s article says about the private dining trend. “It is, in reality, the

ultimate luxury of culinary experiences.”


OBCS can vouch for the growth of the private dining trend with its numbers from the past year.

Hosting more than 100 private dinners in 2020, 2021 is on schedule to triple that number.

It’s time to reconnect, get back to the values of dining together, at the same table, at the same

time. Find out what you’ve been missing out on and book your private dining experience

today at


Read the full article from Barron’s Magazine at


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