It’s #NationalFarmersDay and lettuce give a shoutout to all of the local farmers that make The Pantry grab & go section AND Orange Beach Concierge’s personal chef + catering cuisine so flavorful + fresh.

What is National Farmer’s Day? Farmers Day is celebrated every year on October 12! The profession of farming began around 12,000 years ago with the domestication of livestock as hunter/gatherers settled down and started to plant their own food. In short, farming is one of the oldest jobs around.

Farms we proudly support today and every day.

Local Appetite Growers: We are so grateful for these guys, the growers behind The Pantry’s ever-lasting hydroponic lettuce. You know those huge salads of goodness that you always crave on your lunch breaks? Well, Local Appetite Growers in Fairhope is the reason! These guys are always the first to let Chef David know what’s growing at the farm and always come through with the best packaging, professional delivery, and produce that a Pantry could ask for.

Herb and Pepper Farms: A Foley original, we have used Herb + Pepper Farms for YEARS and YEARS now. This family-owned and operated farm is devoted to micro-greens. If you haven’t heard of micro-greens, Herb + Pepper has a lot to introduce you to. Not only do they provide the tiny greens in The Pantry, they also play a big role when it comes to the presentations of Chef David’s private plates. We can always count on Jesse for the most aromatic +  flavorful + brightly colored tiny greens. Radish, cabbage, sunflower, and beet micro-greens are a few Pantry favorites.

Two Brooks Rice Farm: We don’t call it the best rice ever for nothing. Chef Pan stays TRUE to his favorite rice farm when it comes to preparing the best of the best rice dish. This single estate rice is ecologically grown in the boondocks of the Deep South’s Mississippi Delta. You can taste a 100 percent gluten-free bag for yourself because we got the grains at The Pantry.

Simmons Catfish: Chef David is a proud purveyor of Simmons Catfish of Yazoo City, Mississippi. Fresh from pond to plate, Simmons eco-friendly operation and environmentally sound farming methods make for the best catfish! Chef Pan uses this fish in his Catfish court-bouillon dishes.

Double 8 Cattle Company: This favorite offers a wide variety of Full-blooded Wagyu beef steaks, ribs, roasts, burgers, sausages, and specialty items. If Waygu beef is ever on the menu, Chef highly recommends giving it a shot. Better yet, let him prepare it for you at a #personalchef experience!



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