“While we were at The Wharf, we stopped into The Pantry for some snacks to take back to our room! They have lots of gluten-free treats which made me so happy. We specifically picked up some buttermilk biscuits made by Guncles (a familiar favorite for us, since they are baked locally in Mobile!) that were life-changing. I have not had a biscuit since going gluten-free so I was very excited when we found them. We also picked up some chicken salad and potato salad to enjoy back in our room at The Beach Club. Both were delicious! Chef David Pan keeps The Pantry stocked with fresh, house-made items, making it a must-stop location during your time at The Wharf.”

A Complete Guide For Taking The Ultimate Babymoon Trip in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach – Moody Wife

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Chef David Pan
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