David and I had the opportunity to step away for a week after some really intense life experiences as well as a small scheduled break in our workload.  We are recharging our batteries.  As I was sitting on the mountain in Colorado enjoying the view and having a cup of coffee this morning, it dawned on me that I had no clue what to do on our time away and if we did not have Colorado friends to guide us, we would have had to do our own research and a fair amount of my time would have been spent on scheduling, booking, looking and researching what to do while we were away.  So today’s blog is about what, when and where about your next trip to Orange Beach and Gulf Shores.

The main goals of Orange Beach Concierge are for you to arrive, drop your bags and enjoy every moment you have on vacation, your time is precious and we know this just as much as the next vacationer.

Suggestions that can help you have the best time ever!



If you are looking for the perfect vacation home look no further than Gulf Shores Vacation Rentals.  The Gaberino’s have mastered the ideal vacation home and majority of the rentals are beachfront and every house has a vibe that feels like your home away from home.

If you are looking for a condo on the beach, we highly recommend Turquoise Place in Orange Beach and any of the Brett- Robinson and/or Kaiser Realty by Wyndham Vacation Rentals.  There are so many choices and the reservation groups for each venue is the best in customer service; they will find your perfect condo no doubt.



I am just going to list whom we think are the very best and you can take it from there.

Sun-Shots Photography

Beach Shutters Photography



Let Orange Beach Concierge take care of all of your grocery shopping needs.  All you have to do is complete our detailed shopping list and we will take care of the rest.  Your goods will be in your vacation rental staged and ready to go upon your arrival.  No one likes to deal with the grocery store on any given day much less on check days and your first day of vacation.



Click our blog link for all of our favorite places to eat out!




Having a personal chef experience is not only ideal while on vacation but also the perfect way to enjoy and maximize your time off. Chef David and his team will design your perfect menu and personal chef experiences are one of our most favorite experiences to share.  We love to break bread with our family and friends and we love to do the same with our clients and guest visiting our area.


The other perfect option is our pantrè gourmet to go meals.  Scratch meals cooked at our facility and then packaged and delivered to your door.  All you have to do see set up, heat up and serve.  Each meal is designed to meet most dietary request and there is something for everyone.



I could list activities like jet skis, fishing charters, zip lines, etc. but when I think of time away at the beach I think of reading a book, sitting under an umbrella and enjoy the sand and sun (don’t forget your SPF) but most of all I think of relaxing and enjoy your time away, so I say do as little as possible!

Call us with any scheduling or questions you may have; we are here to be of service.



Chef David

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