It is hard to believe that 4 years have passed on by. 

I realized that we had a business birthday when a Facebook memory appeared this week. 

A look back to 2014.

“Ok, what can I say, we did it and we did it well! Thanksgiving 2014 is in the books, with wonderful memories and visits with friends and family. We are 8 weeks out from leaving the country on holiday, let the countdown begin! BootyCamp already on the books for Monday, so I think I will sit back and enjoy this beautiful day, wish great thoughts for my ball team and continue to remain in gratitude for all of the wonderful blessings my life has provided me. This holiday is my very favorite, I am always reminded of the good. My commitment to myself and my husband ~ we will continue on our path of surrounding ourselves with the people, places and things that bring us more joy than sadness, we will continue to build upon the relationships that matter the most to us and will we continue to let go of all that does not serve us in a loving and healthy way. It’s not an easy path but DMP you have held my hand through some of the most difficult moments over the last “almost” 2 years (hard to believe) and I am most grateful for you, #miamore. You bring me joy, you bring me madness, you bring me mindfulness, at times sadness but most of all you show me true love everyday, that is a gift that I wish for all, I am beyond fortunate to have such a treasure as you. All I can say is Thank You!”

Now onto 2018.

From the moment we began this journey till now, we remain in gratitude.  People have come and gone and some very loyal team members have stayed the journey and we have welcomed new folks with open arms.  Without all them, who knows where Orange Beach Concierge would be.  We have learned from our mistakes, we have dusted ourselves off and we wake up every morning with the same intention, “we are here to be of service.”  We our very proud of the business we have built over the last 4 years and honored to serve a community that provides us with opportunity and abundance.

So as we look forward to year #5, we are absolutely filled with joy and excitement.  Onward!

Thank you to each of our clients, our team members and without a doubt the love and support of our friends and families.

With gratitude,

David Pan

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Orange Beach Concierge was born out of our love of hosting a great party, event planning and everyday organization combined with Chef David’s drive and desire to be the very best at his culinary craft. We are an Alabama gulf coast-based boutique concierge service offering highly personalized services.