There are few things more satisfying than a great sandwich. Portable, convenient, and piled with complementary flavors, they’re an easy (and delicious) choice for any meal of the day. Sammies are made for al-fresco dining. The Pantry’s menu is packed with this iconic French street food and more.

Chef David’s line of sammies are exclusive to The Pantry at The Wharf in Orange Beach.  These French-inspired sandwiches are made by hand with high-quality ingredients and served warm on fresh-baked baguettes so they’re bursting with flavor. They are made on-demand while you wait (it only takes a minute or so)! Add a classic Grab + Go side from The Pantry like a fresh salad or fruit parfait for a mouthwatering meal anytime of the day.

Stop by and say hello;  Chef David will tell you all about these yummies.


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