On the heels of Valentine’s Day and heading into Spring, engagement season is in full swing.

So, after the question is popped (pending a positive response) and a new bride-to-be has her ring finger adorned with the proof of commitment, what’s next?

The answer is, a whole lot of careful planning and coordination.

Depending upon which survey you source, up to 30% of engaged couples will hire a professional wedding or event planner. Services can range from every single task leading up to and through your special day, to any number of specific roles surrounding the wedding. One thing is for sure: Brides who choose to go it alone in regards to their wedding planning always express the same concern. “I had no idea there were so many details!”

Event planning with meticulous attention to detail is our business at Orange Beach Concierge. We believe that no two brides are alike, so no two weddings should be either. Our talents and experience assure your absolute delight with our event coordination services . . . whether you choose to have us plan and create your wedding every step of the way, or simply need us to design specific elements such as the rehearsal dinner, reception or catering. Our Chef David Pan is highly sought after for weddings and special events across the Gulf Coast, as the area’s only graduate of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts.

No matter the scope of services you decide to assign to a professional event coordinator, perhaps the single most important determinator of your ultimate satisfaction will be the relationship you develop and experience with your planner. Expertise and advice are important, but more so are astute listening, a rapport with the personalities of the bride and groom, and  an ability to “feel” the vibe they and guests expect for the event and its lasting memories.

According to our own survey of new Gulf Coast brides-to-be in 2018, these are the top priorities for planning the perfect wedding:

1.) Budget – Everything that follows is dependent upon the Dollars (and Sense) you devote to your event. According to TheKnot.com, the average U.S. budget just for the ceremony and reception is $28,385. New York City and Long Island throw the most money at lavish weddings, with budgets of nearly $57,000.

2.) Guest List – The size of your wedding and reception invitation list will of course be dependent on the total budget, which will determine the style and cost of everything from the invitations themselves, to the rehearsal dinner, reception, and venue selection.

3.) Venue – The setting for your ceremony and celebration gatherings will be determined by both the size of your guest list and the ambiance preferred. These days, rustic and outdoor settings — including weddings and receptions on our gorgeous Gulf beaches — have become as popular as church ceremonies and banquet hall or country club receptions. Also bear in mind the style and availability of lodging quarters for the wedding party and guests — whether they may be traveling from near or far.

4.) Dress & Styling – Under this planning category, we include everything to do with the “Vibe” your wedding will convey to your guests . . . and to the lasting memories created. Careful coordination of these elements should determine dress (formal/black tie or Hawaiian beach shirt, shorts & sandals), color schemes, decor, flower selections, food and beverage presentations, photography style & settings, transportation and wedding/reception music choices. It’s all about the details!

5.) Catering – Your choice of catering will be a main component of  the total wedding reception experience for your guests. Many all-inclusive venues will require you to use their own food and beverage services. Considering outside catering may provide a higher degree of personalization and flexibility for your particular preferences. It is important to keep this in mind in regards to your venue selection.

6.) Registry – Many brides to be and their advisors may desire to tie their registry theme closely with the style and ambiance elements of the events themselves. Just remember “The Law of Psychological Reciprocity”: If your guests are invited to a low budget, casual wedding with a Barbeque-and-Beer reception, you may want to rethink a Tiffany-and-Waterford registry choice. 

7.) Honeymoon – A honeymoon theme and destination can create an extension of the wedding style. For instance, a beach wedding followed by a honeymoon week in a private beach bungalow, with romantic dinners provided by an award-winning personal chef. Or, you may prefer to make a total “getaway” break from the wedding vibe . . . and the familiar. A growing trend is wedding after-parties — where bride and groom celebrate with closest friends and family late into the night — rather than whisking away from the reception to your wedding night hotel suite, the airport or cruise port.

Let Orange Beach Concierge create the wedding of your dreams so you can sit back and enjoy every moment of your engagement. From choosing colors, invitations, event design, boutique catering, to coordinating your family’s places to stay…..we will do it all. Let us take care of the details so you can make the memories!


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