Last week, Chef David ventured to the rolling hills of Austin, Kentucky for Eat Y’all’s fall Chef Camp. Multiple times per year, Eat Y’all organizes an educational camp for a circle of distinguished chefs in hopes to learn from each other on the strategies to provide the best food for consumers.

The Fall 2019 Chef Camp with The Dairy Alliance took place at Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese where the chefs were treated to tours, tastings and other hands-on activities to better their trade.

Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese is a second-generation dairy farm where the cows don’t just live twice as long, they can milk whenever they want! Kenny’s modernized its farm by installing a robotic milking system which allows the cows to milk on their own time. The cows are also unique because they’re a crossbreed of many breeds, which makes the milk extra tasty. The cows are born, bred and raised on the farm which is extremely rare for the dairy industry. The countryside and pleasant farm animals set the perfect scene for this year’s camp.

The days on the farm were spent sampling various cheeses, skeet shooting, hayride tours and talking shop with fellow chefs. Chef David says his favorite cheeses from the trip were the Norwood, the Nena, and the au Brie.

The participants were treated by many sponsors of the camp with their products. Andrew from Blackberry Farm Brewery hosted a beer tasting, Manchester Farms Quail prepared a collaborative dinner, Bongo Java provided the coffee for a full farm breakfast and more.

With all of the “work” also came the fun with tours of the features that Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese holds dear. This included tours of the robotics milking barn, the calf barn, the aging caves, and the creamery.

As always, Chef David had an enjoyable, engaging and educational time at this year’s Eat Y’all Chef Camp!

We’re already looking forward to next year…

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